North America

Below is a list of the projects I am currently involed in

  1. The value of reducing uncertainty of HIV-prevalence estimates at the zip code level. A Case of study in Atlanta, Georgia
    • Estimating HIV-prevalence point estimates and uncertainty bounds at the zip code level using existing data.
    • Calibrating an HIV transmission model at the zip code level using city-level target parameters
    • Develop a decision model for the relationship between zip code estimates of HIV-prevalence, allocated resources, and health outcomes
    • Quantify the expected value of perfect and partial information of reducing decision uncertainty when using local HIV-prevalence estimates
  2. Preferences elicitation among HIV patients for long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy
  3. Generalized Simultaneous Equation Model to evaluate an alternate metric to the BMI to reflect health rather than growth

Projects: Latin-America
Projects: Sub-saharan Africa